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Project Management


Interim Management

Our Consultants have provided consultancy services to Oliver Bonas, Gloucestershire Carers, Pia Jewellery, the Ardington Group, Past Times Trading Ltd, the Peter Heath consultancy, Skillsmart Retail, Faith Shoes and Costa Coffee.
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We have provided Project Management to a variety of retail clients, including Oliver Bonas, Pia Jewellery and Past Times.  We can take on the demanding and time consuming activities associated with site acquisition and shop openings - we have the expertise, so contact us now

Interim Management is an increasingly popular resource for businesses.  It's a great way to access skills & experience for your business for a special project, or to provide expertise in an affordable way otherwise not open to your operation.  To find out more, click here 

Start Ups/Early Growth


Site Acquisition/Evaluation

Property Services


We have assisted many small businesses take their first steps .  For instance, we wholly managed the launch of Pia Jewellery onto the 'High Street' having traded by catalogue and online initially.  Pia are now firmly established in retail locations across the UK.  We can help your brand make the same progress - click on the image to find out how
OK, so the saying "Location, Location, Location" has been done to death...but it still holds true.   So how do you evaluate towns and centres, and the properties in them?  And how do you get impartial advice?  Not all guidance is impartial, but at Charlton Retail Consultancy, we are robust in our objectivity.  To find out more, please click here.
One of the most significant costs in retail is property.  The cost of acquiring it, the cost of maintaining it, the cost of tenure (rent/rates/service charges), the cost of statutory compliance and health and safety, the cost of insurance - and on it goes.  The management of all of this can be bewildering and distracting for entrepreneurs....more